X About External Competitions





WPS enters a number of inter-club competitions throughout the year. Please see below for a brief introduction.



CACC Rosebowl:


The Rosebowl is a digital image competition between clubs in the Chiltern Association of Camera Clubs (CACC). The competition conisists of 3 rounds. Each round is between 3-4 clubs. Each round is hosted by a club and is judged much like a club competition night, with the judge critiquing each image and then giving it a mark out of 20. The judge will also award stars to two of their favourite images. The scores are added up at the end and the winning club is the one with the highest score on the evening. For each round the 1st place club gets 5 points, the 2nd 3 points , 3rd 2 and 4th 1. At the end of the three rounds the round points are added up with the top 10 clubs going through to the Finals day, next April. If there is a tie in points the number of stars will come into play.




The PAGB Great British Cup is an annual national inter club competition open to all PAGB affiliated clubs. The digital image competition has three sections, Open for Larger Clubs, Open for Smaller clubs and a section for Natural History images. 


An entry to the GB cup open requires 15 images with at least 6 photographers represented. No photographer can have more than four images.

The Natural history competition can have between 3 and 21 images, with the top 10 scoring images going towards the total. 


The winning club in each section is the one with the most points!  



The Chiltern 100:


An annual digital image competition run by the CACC for individual club members. Each member may enter one image.

Images are judged by a panel of 3 judges. PAGB medals and ribbons are awarded to the best images.