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London from the Rooftops - Presented by James Burns

James Burns has been taking photographs from London’s roofs for over eight years and has received a wave of positive reviews.

'An ode to the City he loves and the City which made him who he is' - says James whose mission is London from the Rooftops.

James' exploration of London started in the late 1990's but began to take shape in 2003 when James realised that the camera was the easiest way for him to express the growing connection he felt with London.  By 2004 The Princes Trust recognised his passion and he was able to set up in business as a professional photographer.  Several more years of hard work followed which culminated in 2012 with his first exhibition.

But as he says 'London never stops' and advises us to stay tuned. It will only get better.

Book your ticket now so that you can join us on Monday 27th November for truly amazing images of London.

Tickets for visitors are available through Eventbrite

Visitor fee for this event is £5, which will be deducted from the WPS membership fee, when joining for the first time in 2017 - 2018.